The State of Qatar's economy is open, a marketplace where imports exceed, by far, the exports. This represents excellent business opportunities for business implementation as well as product introduction.

The State of Qatar is the ideal scenery for foreign businesses looking at internationalization as their corporate and business growth strategy. The MANSOOR JASSIM AL THANI GROUP provides with personalized services and support, being this last one of the utmost importance and guarantee for success in the implementation, introduction and development of international business people and businesses.

2030 PLAN

The State of Qatar has an overall and exceptional economic development goal. This represents infinite business opportunities for business people interested both in the access and the introduction of their own venture in the Middle East.

Our services, which are fully endorsed by the 2030 PLAN, are without a doubt your best ally for the introduction and implementation within the Qatari market. The low tax rate allow our clients' businesses a faster and bigger corporate growth; together with exceptional living standards and the population's growth, Qatar's development, growth and prosperity is clearly defined.

The State of Qatar keeps its values and traditions, which has been able to merge with today's world; always loyal to their principles and boosting their business relations all over the globe.