MANSOOR JASSIM AL THANI GROUP's remarkable corporate trajectory, economic diversification both locally and internationally, our recognition and acquired reputation, all prove our great commitment within the business network, with our group and our clients.
In addition to the delivery of services that boost our clients' businesses, MANSOOR JASSIM AL THANI GROUP has a long track of private investments as well as management and support services aimed towards the growth of our clients' businesses.
During more than 20 years, the group has carried out different business operations in various sectors and industries, along with private investments through our investments committee and management board at world level in different sectors, being EDUCATION, LOGISTICS and REAL STATE the main ones, also MEDICAL, ENERGY AND INDUSTRY and FOOD.


Our knowhow, values, trajectory, experience and services the development and growth of business's introduction in the State of Qatar MANSOOR JASSIM AL THANI GROUP is synonymous to a valuable relations network with local businesses, professionals, and local institutions; the keys to success.


Our services ease and promote the introduction and implementation of international companies that are interested in the Qatari market as means of growth and profitability of their businesses. Our know-how and services are aimed and focused on the following sectors:



IT Project Development and Investment | State of Qatar.
Real Estate Investments in the State of Qatar | United Arab Emirates | USA | Spain | Lebanon | Egypt.
Building RAS LAFAN PORT | Project Management in Austria. Al Safwa Real Estate | State of Qatar.
Al Safwa Real Estate | State of Qatar.
Stock Market Financial Management | Investments' Management and Administration.
Agricultural and Food Transactions
TopMan Real Estate | Property Development Germany.
King's College Implementation State of Qatar | Joint Venture
Maritime Transport | Business Management and Development | State of Qatar | Cyprus | Spain