Sheikh Jassim Bin Thani Al Thani, grandson of the State of Qatar's founder, is one of the fundamental pillars of the political, social and cultural history; reference point in the history of the State of Qatar and the Arabian Peninsula.
He is a symbol for the Qatari society. Born in Doha on September 18th 1917, he passed away on December 22nd 2014 in Doha; a life of almost 100 years entirely dedicated to his people, to favour those in need, known for his great non-profit charity work and known both nationally and internationally for promoting personal, institutional and business relationships between the State of Qatar and the rest of the world. Also known for his intellect, he has the recognition of various researchers and authors through the history and until the modern age both within the State of Qatar and the Gulf region.
His feeling forward his people, the Qatari people, the passion and goodness of his actions towards them. For any Qatari to hear what an excellent and great person he was, is nothing but stating the obvious. His legacy has marked a before and an after in our Qatari society.
Today, 100 years later, his spirit remains present also in the MANSOOR JASSIM AL THANI GROUP; his values, honesty and interests make us a company with unparalleled differentiation and values.